Why are there item limits in the forecast?

Updated on Jul 29, 2016

At first, LivePlan didn’t impose limits on the number of items you could enter into the forecast. But, over time, we discovered that some LivePlan users were entering hundreds of individual items (revenue streams, employees, expenses, assets, etc.) into their forecast, one item at a time. This was a problem for two reasons.

First, this isn't the way we recommend projecting your forecast in a business plan. For most startups, it makes the most sense to group similar items together when you add them to your forecast. For example, Garrett’s Bike Shop could add product groups like Men’s bikesWomen’s bikes, and Repair services to the plan, rather than listing every bike model the shop sells or every type of repair service it provides.

Second, business plans with hundreds of items are typically over 100 pages long, making them a burden to read and print. Also, when really long plans are printed, they tend to bog down the LivePlan service for other users.

As a result, we’ve added a 200-item limit per section in the forecast. This means you can add 200 each of revenue streams, personnel, expenses, assets, etc. We’ve made the limits high enough that most users of LivePlan will never even approach them.