Why are there character limits in the pitch?

Updated on Jul 29, 2016

The pitch is meant to be a brief, visual summary of the main points from your company content. In order to keep the pitch layout looking great for every LivePlan user, we've imposed character limits on some of the text entry fields.

Limits in text fields

With the exception of the company name (which accepts 60 characters), most short text fields in the pitch accept 40 characters. There are gray character counters on the right side of the fields that display how many characters are remaining: 

Some fields will allow you to go over the limit, and other fields won't. Either way, you'll need to condense your text length to within the allowed characters before you can save the text and move on.

Limits in text areas

Larger text areas in the pitch are either 140 or 250 characters long and show a character counter message just above the text entry box.

When the character counter reaches 10 characters or fewer remaining, the counter text turns red:

Once you have reached the character limit, some fields will allow you to go over and other fields won't. If you are in an overlay, the OK button will be grayed out if you are over the character limit. You'll need to trim your text to within the allowed number of characters before you can save the text and move on.