Why can't LivePlan connect to the server?

Updated on Jul 29, 2016

When LivePlan is unable to reach the server to save changes, you'll see the following message:


This usually indicates that you have either lost your connection to the Internet or the connection is poor. Not always, though. It's rare but possible that our servers are experiencing issues or down for scheduled maintenance. There's an easy way to tell.

If your Internet connection is down

When you click the link in the overlay and your browser says, "Unable to connect to the Internet" or something similar, then the problem may be that your Internet connection is down. To resolve this issue, follow your usual troubleshooting behavior — check your WiFi router, cable modem, etc., or contact your service provider for support. 

If your Internet connection is poor or slow

You may also see this overlay when you have a spotty or slow connection. LivePlan is an interactive website that requires a strong, steady upload connection in order to save your changes. Things that can cause your connection to be spotty or slow include the following:

  • Using a wireless connection too far from the base. Increasing the distance between your computer and the wireless base can significantly reduce both your upload speed and quality. Moving closer to the base, or using a wired connection, will usually resolve this issue.
  • Streaming content on the same internet connection. Streaming content such as music or movies, or experiencing other significant network traffic, can disrupt the flow of information.
  • Using a 3g or 4g hotspot connection. Cell phone connections are simply not consistent enough, and there can be a long delay in sending requests back and forth.
  • Using Internet service with severely reduced upload speed and connectivity. Some internet providers optimize their service for fast download speeds but provide extremely slow or weak upload connections. The upload connection is what LivePlan relies on. 

If our servers are not responding

If you clicked the overlay's Learn more link and this article loaded, then you must still be connected to the Internet. (Otherwise the Help Center would not have been able to load.) In that case, LivePlan may be experiencing issues — or at least have had a momentary problem.

Please check our status page for any known trouble, or contact our Customer Advocate team at 888-498-6136 or +1 541 683-6162. We are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, other than on U.S. holidays.