Changing who has access to a company

Updated on Jul 29, 2016

In the process of creating a LivePlan company, you select which of the users on your account will have access to that company. If you want to change that access later, you can do that on the Options tab.

Note: If you want to change a user's access to your account (and not just the active company), see Managing contributors and guests.

To change a user's access to the active company:

  1. Click on the Options tab:
  2. To change access for specific users, choose Select users:
  3. Using the check box next to each user's name, select the people you want to have access to the company and deselect those who shouldn't have access:
    Note: To quickly select all users, click Select all in the right-hand corner. To deselect all users (except the account owner), click Select none.
  4. Click Save Changes.