Choosing the forecast start date when you create a company

Updated on Apr 21, 2016

When you create a new company, LivePlan asks you to choose a start date for your forecast. If you leave the default setting, LivePlan will automatically start your forecast in the current month, putting your company on a fiscal-year operating cycle (rather than a calendar year operating cycle). 

In many cases it makes sense for a company to use an operating cycle that isn't the calendar year. For example, think of a business that sells products based on a typical academic year. Their operating cycle would include the last part of one academic year and the early part of another. They would probably want a LivePlan forecast that runs from September to August, because that would more accurately reflect their cycle of planning and performance. So, they would choose a September start date for their forecast.

We encourage you to think about your own situation and choose the start date that matches your operating cycle. And, remember that even after you've created your company, you can still change your forecast start date on the Options tab. For information about how to do that, read Changing the start date for your forecast.