Managing your companies

Updated on Apr 21, 2016

You can manage your LivePlan companies by archiving and restoring them, copying them, or deleting them. 

Archiving a company  #

If you’ve reached your active company limit, you can archive some of your companies to make space for new ones (or copies of existing ones). There is no limit to the number of companies you can store in your LivePlan archive. Keep in mind that you cannot edit or print company content while it is archived. 

Note: To check your active company limit, click the Account menu and choose Manage Account. 

To archive a company:  #

  1. At the top of your LivePlan window, click on the name of your company. Next, click View all companies:
  2. Under the desired company, click Archive:  

Adding additional companies #

You can create as many companies as you like, but only one of them can be active at a time. The others are stored in your archive. To add another company, you'll first need to archive the one that is currently active, as shown above.

  1. Once you have archived your currently active company, you'll see that you now have space available in your Active Company limit: 
  2. Click on the Companies menu at the top of the screen. (Note: if one of your companies is currently active, you'll see the name of that company in place of the word "Companies.") Click Create New Company: adding-company-button.png
  3. Follow the steps for setting up a new company. For more details, read Setting up a new company: adding-company-new-setup.png

Restoring a company  #

If you want to edit, or print content from, an archived company, you’ll need to restore it first. This will move it back to your active companies list. Make sure you archive a currently-active company first so you'll have space for the company you're restoring.

Note: To check your active company limit, click the Account menu and choose Manage Account. 

To restore a company:  #

  1. Click on the company menu. 
  2. Then, click View all companies
  3. Locate the desired company in the archived companies list. 
  4. Click Restore:   

Copying a company #

Copying an existing company is a great way to reuse LivePlan content that you really like or text you’ve already written. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with every new company, especially if the content for certain elements of the company (i.e., pitch, plan, forecast) always remains the same. Copying a company also comes in handy if you want to quickly forecast different scenarios for the same business. For example, Bob could project the best, worst, and most likely scenarios for his burger business by creating three slightly different companies:

  • “Bob’s Burgers - Best Case Scenario” 
  • “Bob’s Burgers - Worst Case Scenario” 
  • “Bob’s Burgers - Most Likely Scenario”
Note: You can also use the multiple forecasts feature to create several different forecast scenarios within a single company. 

Finally, you can create a copy of a company to use as a template for future companies. Simply create a “template” company, and then just copy that one each time you create a new company.

To copy a company: #

  1. Click on the Company menu.
  2. Choose View all companies:
  3. Under the desired company, click Copy: copycompany.png#asset:897
  4. In the dialog that appears, give the copy a new name: 
  copy this company new.png#asset:896
  5. When you’re finished, click Make a Copy. The copy will be placed in your active companies list, unless you have reached your company limit, in which case the copy will be stored as an archived company: 

Deleting a company  #

In LivePlan, when you delete a company, it is gone permanently and cannot be restored. If there’s any chance you’ll want to access the company again, we highly recommend archiving it rather than deleting it. 

To delete a company:  #

  1. Click on the company menu. 
  2. Next, click View all companies:      
  3. Under the desired company, click Delete
  4. In the overlay that appears, confirm that you want to delete the company: 
    confirm delete company new.png#asset:895