Creating your pitch

Whether you are trying to raise money for your business or just want to perfect your business strategy, a solid pitch is an essential tool for achieving your goals. A pitch is also a quick way to define and share the vision for your business.

The LivePlan pitch focuses on documenting the core problems your business is setting out to solve. We think it’s critical for any business to have a laser focus on the problem they are solving, rather than focusing on the solution. If an entrepreneur has a deep understanding of the customer and their needs, the correct solution will naturally follow.

We also see too many entrepreneurs ignoring their competition or telling us that they don’t have any competition. If that’s the case, then there probably isn’t a problem worth solving. The pitch requires documentation of current competitors, or at the very least, existing alternatives. All businesses have competition – it just may not be direct competition.

Finally, the pitch provides an overview of the forecast (Revenue, Expenses, and Profits), the team building the company, and upcoming key milestones that you plan on tackling.

The articles in this section will show you how to create, publish, and present your pitch.