Forecasting your revenue streams

LivePlan gives you four ways to forecast revenue streams. You'll choose the type when you set up a revenue stream by clicking the appropriate radio button:


Each type of revenue stream is described briefly below. You can choose any of these forecasting models for any revenue stream in your plan.

  • Unit sales: Choose this option if you want to enter the number of units (or hours) you expect to sell, along with the price and cost for each, and we will calculate the totals. 
  • Billable hours: Choose this option if your revenue stream is based on per-hour pricing. 
  • Recurring charges: Use our subscription model to calculate the recurring revenue based on new signups, cancellations, and so on.
  • Revenue only: With this option, you can calculate the revenue on your own and just enter the totals. Choose this option if you already have a more detailed forecast of your own or need to follow an industry-specific forecasting model. 

The articles in this section will show you how to set up your revenue streams using any of these forecasting models.