Using the schedule (milestones)

In LivePlan, you can set, review, and update the key milestones that are part of your business plan. Identify the milestone events that are strategically important for your business, and make your best guess about when you will achieve them. Be careful not to get too granular here. This is not a detailed task list of everything your business needs to do. Instead, include just those key events that represent important assumptions for the rest of your plan. 

You should review and update your milestones regularly. When key events are completed early or slip to a later date, that is a good time to review and revise your plan to ensure that it is still achievable. For example, if a new product is not ready on time, the sales forecast may show revenue in the following month that will now be delayed.

The articles in this section will show you how to add and edit milestones, set up reminders for milestones, and mark milestones as complete.