Troubleshooting image placement and size

Updated on May 27, 2016

There are some known issues with inserting images into your text items in LivePlan. Since some of these issues cannot be resolved at this time, we’d like to offer some tips and possible workarounds.

General recommendations for image placement #

If your images are not appearing as you would like them to in your plan, try one or more of these tips: 

  • Make sure images are less than 5MB in size each and are in PNG or JPG format.
  • Place only one image per row in your text items.
  • Center images whenever possible.
  • Add text, or extra line breaks, above and below the image, especially if an image is placed at the end of a text item.
  • Export the plan to Word, change the image alignment settings there, and then print to PDF.

Troubleshooting tips for image placement #

Images are printing next to headings #

You might see this behavior if the image is the only content in your text item and it is right or left aligned. To avoid this, try including text before and after your image. It might also help to include extra line breaks before or after the image, especially if the image is placed at the bottom of the text item. 

Multiple images placed in a row are overlapping when printed  #

To avoid this, we recommend placing no more than one image in a row.

Images are falling off the bottom or side of the page, or overlapping with the footer #

This depends greatly on the size and placement of your image. We recommend placing no more than one image per row. If you find that your images are oddly positioned, try reducing the sizes of your images, centering them, and placing text above and below them when possible.

Bullet list is overlapping with images #

This typically only happens if your image is left aligned. To remedy the situation, try centering or right-aligning the image.

Recommendations for logo sizing #

The published image size for the cover page logo is 578x578 pixels and for the pitch is 300x300 pixels. Your logo image may be cropped in the thumbnails for display, but it will be published at these actual sizes in the plan and pitch.

If you have a logo image that is not square, the image will be scaled to fit into these dimensions, with white space on the sides. If you are running into issues with scaling, you might have better results if you resize the image to be closer to these dimensions before uploading to LivePlan.